Released in: 2008
Country: Colombia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: A thriller about the dark and dangerous secrets shared by a 12 year old boy, his new teacher and the school principal, a catholic priest. Months after the death of his father, Simon (12) discovers the affair his Mother (Sarah) is having with a charming but enigmatic new teacher (Mario). The boy discovers the teacher's intentions and his dark secrets, but with his mother in love, it seams there is nothing he can do to show her that their lives are in danger. - IMDb
Added: 04.02.2015

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Released in: 1985
Country: Sweden
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip, topless girl
Summary: Ratio Rasch, the president of planet Gyllenblå, has banned laughter and emotions in order to create a society based on reason. Police are constantly patrolling the planet and anyone caught laughing is imprisoned and given anti-laughter serum. Only a few members of an underground guerrilla oppose the president. On Earth, the eccentric Dr. Krull listens to signals from outer space and realizes that something needs to be done so he sends the two children Cecilie and Fredrik to Gyllenblå. Epicykel, a guerrilla member, senses their presence and hopes to get to them first but fails. The children are put in school, where Fredrik has great difficulty controlling his laughter but Cecilie adapts well. The guerrilla knows that laughter is contagious and Fredrik gives them new hope of returning laughter to the people of Gyllenblå. - IMDb
Nude scenes: The 3rd episode: Fredrik (Erik Lindgren, 12) and Cecilie (Maria Tornlund, 12) skinny dip together in a pond on the planet Gyllenblå. Rear and brief frontal nudity. Both children seen shirtless when they are tacken to the school by police. The 4th episode: we can see mini copies of nude sleeping children (3 boys and 3 girls, ages 11-12) in separate glass flasks.
Added: 31.01.2015

Download 'Vägen till Gyllenblå!'

Released in: 1976
Country: Norway
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Norwegian drama film directed by Knut Andersen, starring Steffen Rothschild, and music composed by Eyvind Solås. The film is based on Knut Faldbakken's novel Insektsommer (insect summer). Peter (Rothschild), who was a teenager in the 50s, is reminiscing about the days of his youth, and his awakening sexuality.
Nude scenes: Boys watching a mag with nude girls. A boy (14) has sex with a girl but interrupted by a pal, rear nudity.
Added: 28.01.2015

Download 'Den sommeren jeg fylte 15'

Released in: 1974
Country: Italy
Tags: topless girl
Summary: Pietro Chiocca shifts from hydraulic pumps to heavy war weapons selling. He starts traveling all around the third world looking for clients, and contract by contract his economic situation shoot up, raising also his social status. But is never enough for his family, their needs increase more than the available earnings. For Pietro to sell weapons is becoming every day more stressful, every day more filthy. It has become normal for him to sell stuff to crazy corrupted bloodthirsty African dictators. He has also to fight competition with a French rival. His dirty activity explodes on national press; he becomes a monster for the public opinion. Pietro's family is hypocritically upset with him too! May be it was better the old bathroom equipment sector. Can he come back on his steps? - IMDb
Nude scenes: Two young girls (10 and 11) sunbathe topless on a boat.
Added: 24.01.2015

Download 'Finché c'è guerra c'è speranza'

Released in: 2012
Country: France
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Nude scenes: Young Jonas is given a bath. He is seen briefly standing in the bathtub while being rinsed off. Rear nudity.
Added: 21.01.2015

Download 'Ce que le jour doit à la nuit'

Released in: 2000
Country: Poland
Summary: A commune built around the pursuit of spiritual perfection through the occult begins to see its prophecies come true. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A girl (10) bathed by her father and grandmother. Full frontal nudity.
Added: 17.01.2015

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Released in: 2003
Country: South Korea
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: Bored, horny, and frustrated, a woman begins an affair with a teenage boy. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Rear and brief frontal nudity of a boy (8) in a bath scene.
Added: 14.01.2015

Download 'Baramnan gajok'

Released in: 2006
Country: Canada
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: Suzanne and her stepdaughter Molly move into a new house, hoping to start afresh after Molly's mum passed away. When the seven-year-old makes an 'imaginary friend' named Candace, Suzanne assumes it's just her way of coping with everything that's happened. But as Molly's behaviour becomes ever more erratic, Suzanne begins to suspect that her stepdaughter's new playmate might not be so imaginary after all...
Nude scenes: Bath scene with Molly (Cassandra Sawtell, 9), chest partially exposed.
Added: 10.01.2015

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Released in: 1988
Country: Hong Kong
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: Here, an evil doctor lures a group of children roughly nine to eleven years of age into his laboratory then tries to turn them into monsters. Once the tykes catch on, a very long fight scene, which occasionally breaks in an attempt to create some sort of story, begins. - CVMC
Nude scenes: Many boys skinny-dip; a boy pees.
Added: 07.01.2015

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Released in: 1998
Country: France
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, boy skinny dip, topless girl
Nude scenes: In the scene where the boy and girl (both 12 or 13 years old) go swimming, there's a part where she pulls her swimsuit down slightly and he is rubbing her back. She suddenly turns around hoping he'll accidentally touch her breasts. The boy get bathed by his mother, rear view. In another scene the boy strips in front of a mirror, rear view.
Added: 03.01.2015

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