Released in: 1996
Country: Russia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Shankhay'

Released in: 2005
Country: Japan
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: A portrait of the relationship between Minako, a girl in junior high deserted by her mother when she was young, and Yu, Minako's younger half-sister who loves to ballet dance. On a whim, Minako takes Yu to the house of their late grandparents near the sea. As she spends time taking care and playing with her little sister, Minako takes on the role of a mother. She reminisces on her own happy childhood. Minako has reached the age when she feels more and more distant from her father, but holds a deeper resentment for her mother who eloped with another man, deserting Minako and her father. Making use of fixed long-shots and panning camera movements, director KINOSHITA Yusuke, effectively represents the changes within a young girl's mentality without depending solely on words. Though the late TERASHIMA Shuji had always been playing "mama's boys" in dramas, this film exceeds his previous works with the strongest point being his fully refined expressiveness. Working with veteran actors and staff, KINOSHITA created an impact unlike other new directors, conveying an uncommon ability in his purposeful direction. The sure-handed camera work poetically tracks the subtle changes in Minako's appearance without falling into sentimentality demonstrating a meticulous care for the material. The film will pull at the audience's heartstrings and leave an impression that a great, new talent has been encountered. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A girl's (8) chest seen in a bath scene.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Mizu no hana'

Released in: 2010
Country: Russia
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: The global event in this village is a weekly cinema show in the Local Cultural Centre. The main character is a fan of Indian cinema. But it's not so easy to attend the screening of a new movie.
Nude scenes: A boy is naked in the water with brief rear nudity.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Enmesh'

Released in: 2010
Country: Poland
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: This is a stylish and elegantly made drama with a simple plot.
Three impoverished Russian boys (seemingly around 13, 10 and 6 y.o.) plan to escape to a new and better life. They hide aboard a train and head to Poland. The film charts their journey and the cinematography is very impressive, with beautifully filmed rural landscapes. The boys (two of whom are brothers) are full of mischievous enthusiasm - often squabbling and then making friends again as they interact with the various characters they meet along the way. The youngest child is particularly endearing, as he clings to his ragged teddy bear and craves adult affection.
The sad inevitability of the ending is tempered by the boys' unbreakable sprit and loyalty to each other.
Nude scenes: Three youngs boys are told to undress and take a shower by a woman. The boys undress to their underwear but doesn't get fully naked as the woman watches them. As she leaves them alone, the boys quickly removes their underwear and shower. Frontal and rear nudity of all three boys.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Jutro bedzie lepiej'

Released in: 1966
Country: Hungary
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing boy
Nude scenes: Bath scene with a boys (6), full frontal nudity.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Gyerekbetegségek'

Released in: 1971
Country: Denmark
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip, child nudist
Summary: Documentary about the construction of Thy Lejren in 1970 - an alternative summer camp. Features concerts by bands such as Gasolin' and Gnags. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Many scenes with nude children.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Skæve dage i Thy'

Released in: 2008
Country: Malaysia
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Young Brian's father, after discovering his son in bed masturbating, leaves him naked in a public park to punish him. The boy (13) covers his genitals with the hands.
Nude scenes: When a boy is discovered looking through a dirty magazine by his father, he is dragged out to the car and taken to a public place. The boy is left completely naked as the man drives away. The boy stands naked, covering his penis as he sobs.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Muallaf'

Released in: 1996
Country: Italy
Tags: topless girl
Summary: The controversies between two Italian families during their summer holidays in Ventotene, a tiny island in the Tirrenian sea. Too many political and cultural differences divide the two groups. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A girl (6) swims shirtless.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Ferie d'agosto'

Released in: 1969
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: topless girl
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Priklyucheniya Dovrana'

Released in: 2011
Country: France
Tags: nude boy, child nudist
Summary: In July 1979, during the Summer holidays, in a house somewhere in Brittany, a whole family (parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives) are gathered to celebrate Granny Amandine's sixty-seventh birthday. Albertine, who was ten years old at the time, vividly recounts this brief but life-changing experience. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A 15 year old naturist boy seen nude.
Added: 26.09.2013

Download 'Le skylab'

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