Released in: 1986
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: In this intriguing drama, the disenfranchised residents of a small town in Kazakistan in 1946 form the social backdrop for a young boy's awakening to poverty and reality. Vania's father is an artist who came back from World War II with a brain injury and only one arm, both of which take their toll. A woman whom his father loves cannot adjust to a life without her husband (who left her) and succumbs to the effects of depression. Meanwhile, the townspeople have one source of enjoyment: they capture and sell pigeons in a kind of competitive one-upmanship. When Vania finds a white dove, he is especially excited; he has just beat out everyone else with this unusual specimen. But the dove is stolen and the consequences lead to some new lessons for a young boy who is already beset with problems. - Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: The scene in the shower: boy (12) and his father are nude.
Added: 05.03.2008

Download 'Chuzhaya belaya i ryaboy'

Released in: 1979
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Bath scene with boy (11). Full frontal nudity.
Added: 27.02.2008

Download 'Gonka s presledovaniem'

Released in: 2006
Country: France
Tags: bathing girl, nude girl
Nude scenes: Aminthe and Marie (11) are bathed in a little tub. Brief side nudity of Marie as she is dried with a towel by her mother.
Added: 23.02.2008

Download 'Les soeurs Robin'

Released in: 1989
Country: Hungary
Tags: nude boy
Summary: In the country reformatory school both the teacher and the children are trapped by the circumstances. From among the pupils excels Sanyi, who cannot accept the fact thas his mother does not love him and he keeps on escaping after her. From among the teachers it is Mr. Csőrös who distuingishes himself by listening to the children, looking for those who escaped, Sanyi feels affection to erside with his family, prospecting. The mother of Sanyi takes a revenge: he throws the gold collected slander had no ground, Sanyi begins to search for gold as well in order to make his error good.
Nude scenes: Many naked boys (about 10 & 13) with attention watching a penis of grown up boy in a bathroom. Bended boys are seen from the back, in front of the observed boy. In the same scene, one of the boys coming back from his room, is shown from the front. Nakedness of the boy is almost full. He is covering his penis with his hands.
Added: 13.02.2008

Download 'Iskolakerülők'

Released in: 1995
Country: Denmark
Tags: nude girl, bathing girl
Summary: A sister and brother must deal with their parents' divorce in this Danish family drama. It is set during the Berlin crisis in 1962. Carmen, the nervous one, and her brother Adrian, aka Babyface, lead happy lives. Their father is a ceramist, and their mother is an earth momma. After their pappa runs away with an apprentice, the family harmony is shattered. The devastated mother and her children move to a drafty old cottage in the country. The children are outcast by their new schoolmates. Carmen avoids them, but Adrian is bullied. He finally does find a friend, but the friendship is temporary. Adrian's teacher finally provides him the nurturance he craves. An electrical storm brings ominous developments to the little family. - Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: Young boys spy on the women showers (age 7 and up).
Added: 02.02.2008

Download 'Carmen & Babyface'

Released in: 1954
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Added: 09.01.2008

Download 'Trevozhnaya molodost'

Released in: 1990
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing girl, nude girl
Nude scenes: The scene in a communal bath house: one boy (5) and several girls (ages 7-9) seen nude among bathing women.
Added: 05.01.2008

Download 'Sluchaynyy vals'

Released in: 1979
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Added: 02.01.2008

Download 'Kazaki-razboyniki'

Released in: 1972
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: Minka (Andrey Gretsov, 9) and Proshka (Vitya Elizarov, 9) skinny dip. Rear and brief frontal nudity. Dinka's (Larisa Baranova, 10) bare back seen when she takes off the dress.
Added: 26.12.2007

Download 'Naydi menya, Lyonya!'

Released in: 1986
Country: France, Switzerland
Tags: nude girl
Summary: Thriller about a psycho looking for revenge. Bronsky (Jean-Pierre Bisson) is a paraplegic because of an accident at a construction site that was partly due to the head architect, David Briand (Jean-Pierre Bacri). Many years after the accident, Bronsky shows up at Briand's residence with his family and his trailer looking for assistance. He and his wife insinuate themselves into the household without revealing their true identity. They start to work for Briand and his wife Elaine (Nicole Garcia) as a gardener and a babysitter with the sole objective of wreaking havoc on their lives and avenging Bronsky's disabilities. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Cerise Leclerc (7) seen nude (and tied up) on the toilet. Full frontal nudity.
Added: 08.12.2007

Download 'Mort un dimanche de pluie'

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