Released in: 1974
Country: West Germany
Tags: topless girl
Summary: German journalist Philip Winter has a case of writer's block when trying to write an article about the United States. He decides to return to Germany, and while trying to book a flight, encounters a German woman and her nine year old daughter Alice doing the same. The three become friends (almost out of necessity) and while the mother asks Winter to mind Alice temporarily, it quickly becomes apparent that Alice will be his responsibility for longer than he expected. After returning to Europe, the innocent friendship between Winter and Alice grows as they travel together through various European cities on a quest for Alice's grandmother. - Karl Engel, IMDb
Nude scenes: Yella (10) is seen topless in the park and in the flat.
Added: 05.02.2011

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Released in: 1982
Country: France, Switzerland
Tags: nude boy
Summary: On a movie set, in a factory, and at a hotel, Godard explores the nature of work, love and film making. While Solidarity takes on the Polish government, a Polish film director, Jerzy, is stuck in France making a film for TV. He's over budget and uninspired; the film, called "Passion," seems static and bloodless. Hanna owns the hotel where the film crew stays. She lives with Michel, who runs a factory where he's fired Isabelle, a floor worker. Hanna and Isabelle are drawn to Jerzy, hotel maids quit to be movie extras, people ask Jerzy where the story is in his film, women disrobe, extras grope each other off camera, and Jerzy wonders why there must always be a story. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 7-year-old boy pose for a painter, full frontal nudity.
Added: 02.02.2011

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Released in: 2006
Country: Denmark
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: A drama about a boy who's inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and challenges repressive school authority in 1969 Denmark.
Nude scenes: At school, Frits (Janus Dissing Rathke, 12) has a peek at the locker room where some girls are showering (only shoulders seen). Then some guys push Frits into the room where he is surrounded by the girls. Among them, Iben (Sarah Juel Werner, 12) is wearing a towel which slips down, leaving her completely nude (nothing really seen) in front of Frits. Just before the shot where we can see the towel sleep, Sarah Juel Werner, while having fun watching the boy misled by the girls he has been peeking on, has a nipple slipping out of her towel.
Added: 22.01.2011

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Released in: 1977
Country: Italy, France
Tags: topless girl
Summary: Bizarre events keep occurring in an old mansion, and it's soon obvious that something mysterious is up in the attic. - IMDb
Nude scenes: An 11 year old girl is seen topless running away from the camera into the water at the beach for around 5 to 6 seconds and then posing side and frontal topless for the camera for 4 seconds.
Added: 09.01.2011

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Released in: 2008
Country: Canada, Spain
Tags: nude boy
Summary: 13-year-old Pablo is a quiet, lonely boy with a troubled past. His only friend is Julia, a shameless 15-year-old girl who is more than willing to help Pablo with his transition from childhood to adolescence, and give him some advice on sex, love and life in general. On a quiet country road just outside of the village, Pablo meets Paco, an oddly calm, well dressed stranger whose car just broke down. Nevertheless, he seems more interested in the boy than fixing his problem. At first Pablo maintains a cautious distance from the stranger, vaguely heeding his fellow villagers' advice to keep his distance. However, the boy's subconscious quest to find understanding of his dark past and guilt makes him lose all of his protective layers. He sees a new friend in Paco; someone he can open up to and feel valued by almost like a replacement father. As Pablo's affection grows for the man, he is unknowingly and blindly being lead toward a tragedy that will scar him for life - IMDb
Nude scenes: At the beginning of the film we see a rear view of Pablo running in the fields and giving up to masturbate. Pablo and Julia (Ana Tutor, 14) kiss each other and it's implied she does something to his genitals which happens off-camera (we only see him pull up his trunks right after). Next we have Gonzalo is in bed masturbatiing under the sheets, with flashes of his experience with the girl in his mind, mixed with visions of Paco (the 'stranger'). A man forces himself on top of Julia, it is implied he rapes her fully clothed, but nothing explicit is shown (only heard). Pablo goes to a lake with Paco and undresses to his underwear for a swim. After he comes out from the water, he stands in front of the man, removes down his boxers and wrings the water out from it to get his attention, then lies down on his towel next to him and lies there naked for a while. Brief rear and frontal view.
Added: 05.01.2011

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Released in: 1994
Country: Germany, Lithuania
Tags: topless girl
Summary: This experimental Lithuanian-German production offers a challenge for those not familiar with the culture. It is told without a clear narrative and contains no dialog. Set in the country's capital, Vilnius, in a run-down apartment. Mostly the film is a highly-symbolic chronicle of daily life there. At one point someone holds a party featuring music, dancing, plenty of cigarette puffing, and a smidgen of sex. According to filmmaker/writer/star Sarunas Bartas, he deliberately utilized off-beat narrative structures to symbolize the links between Lithuania's past and present, links, like the long hallways of an apartment block, that offer many possibilities behind each door. - Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: A topless girl (13?) views her breasts in a mirror.
Added: 25.12.2010

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Released in: 1997
Country: France, Lithuania, Portugal
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: Like its predecessor Few of Us, Lithuanian cult film director Sarunas Bartas's The House is highly abstract and nearly silent but for a pair of narrators. Whereas the first film was primarily centered on life in a remote mountain village in Lithuania and had loose plot, this one pays tribute to a huge, and aging lakeside manor and is plotless. The narrators speak to an unseen mother and the house may or may not be the fantasy or dream of one of its many diverse residents. For much of the film's two-hour running time, these inhabitants, who reflect people of varying races, shapes, sizes, degrees of attractiveness and ages, are seen aimlessly wandering about looking sad and exhausted. Sometimes, some of the prettier female residents will doff their clothing. Meal times are particularly morose as no one speaks or pays each other any mind at all. It is only toward the end of the film that anything substantial occurs. It happens during a masked ball and is a commentary on the Soviet takeover of Lithuania and a heartfelt prayer for the preservation of Lithuanian local cultures. While there is not much of interest in the story, the beautiful cinematography, which utilized a palette of pale colors and natural lighting and employed largely stationary imagery punctuated by the occasional slow tracking shot, helps maintain viewer interest. - Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: A girl roughly 8yo runs nude into a small room. A boy roughly 9yo plays nude to become Jesus. A lot of children (5-15) standing nude together in a room.
Added: 04.12.2010

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Released in: 2005
Country: South Korea
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: "Hello Brother" tells the story of two young brothers, one of whom is diagnosed with a brain tumor and sent to the hospital. This creates all sorts of problems for the healthy brother, who begins to feel neglected by his parents and his brother. -
Nude scenes: Before fate strikes the family, there is a cute scene where Han yi (Jin-bin Park), the younger boy, is washed in the bathtub by Han Yeol, after soiling his pants. Little Yi is very lively and the washing scene evolves in a water fight.
Added: 24.11.2010

Download 'Annyeong, hyeonga'

Released in: 2010
Country: France
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl, incest
Summary: Eloïse moves on... tells the tale of a young girl, who is the victim of incest. Her father regularly abuses her. This particular evening however, she decides to “move on” - she fills a box with her most precious possessions. She is putting away her childhood, showing that the act of incest has killed her childhood. Even if she does not really die, a part inside of her does.
Added: 13.11.2010

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Released in: 2007
Country: Norway
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: Alexander is 13 years old, small, and gets bullied all the time. One day a new kid begins in Alexander's class.
Nude scenes: Boy nudity in the shower.
Added: 03.11.2010

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