Released in: 1990
Country: USA
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Fact-based story of a Louisiana priest accused of molesting young parishioners, and of the family of one of his victims, caught between their loyalty to their son and to their Church. - Susan C. Mitchell, IMDb
Nude scenes: Alter boy has sex with priest, boys seen in shower thru glass.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Mords pas, on t'aime!
Released in: 1976
Country: France
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, bathing girl, girl skinny dip
Summary: A child of divorced parents, the young man in this film engineers a situation which will force his mother, whom he has forgotten, to show up. When she does, he is disappointed that she is nothing like his dreams of her. - Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: Frederic (9 or 10) and his girlfriend Rose (also 9 or 10) go skinny-dipping together at the start of the film. Full nudity. Twice, Frederic removes a skylight and talks to Rose as she and several other girls shower. Later, Frederic and Rose are seen in bed together and it appears they are sleeping nude.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Mixed Company
Released in: 1974
Country: USA
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, nude girl, topless girl
Summary: In this sentimental comedy, the coach of the struggling Phoenix Suns basketball team finds his already heavy load increased when his wife decides to adopt three more children, a Vietnamese, a black and a Native American. They already have three kids of their own. Now in addition to trying to produce a winning team, he must figure out how to feed three more, and deal with bigoted neighbors. Things get even worse when he is fired. Fortunately, his trials are only temporary. - Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: Haywood Nelson, who plays the colored boy (12), get mischevious at the bath and his father spanks him. Rear nudity. Asian girl Jina Tan (10) seen rear nude when running from a kitchen. White girl (7), (Ariane Heller of "Up the Sandbox") tries to see if the boy is "black all over," starts to pull down her panties saying "I'm white all over and I don't care who sees it."
Added: 26.09.2013

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Hin helgu vé
Released in: 1993
Country: Iceland, Sweden
Tags: nude boy
Summary: On a small island in the west of Island, Gestur, only seven years old, falls in love with 20 years old Helga. When she introduces him her fiancée one day, he decides to fight the competitor with traditional Wicking weapons. - Tom Zoerner, IMDb
Nude scenes: 1. Brief frontal nudity when the teen girl strips off the boy's (9) underwear for bedtime. 2. The boy and a girl his age sneak up a hayloft and watch the teen girl have sex with a man, afterwards the little girl makes fun of it by emulating the sounds and rubs herself all over. 3. The boy has a 'wet dream', where he's a knight rescuing the teen girl, who's been tied up with tarnished clothes and her breasts exposed. As the boy unties her and starts to hug her semi-naked body, he wakes up. Realising he's had a wet dream he punishes himself by slapping his penis with a wet towel.
Added: 26.09.2013

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De Wereld van Ludovic
Released in: 1993
Country: Belgium, Netherlands, France
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: Ludovic, a young boy neglected by his artsy parents, falls in love with Sophie, the daughter of a piano teacher. They meet in secret places in the city. Not long after Sophie's father finds them naked together in her room, Ludovic is sent away to spend time with his grandparents. Sophie runs away from home to join him, and they hide along the seashore and in abandoned buildings. After they are found, their parents try to keep them separate, but they both fall into deep depressions. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A boy and girl of about 11 fall in love. In one scene, she leads him to her room, undresses him and tells him to get in her bed. She then undresses and gets in bed with him, but she doesn't let him touch her. Just as she turns towards him, she hears her dad downstairs. Boy and girl are photographed topless. Girl topless in hospital bed.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Golubaya chashka
Released in: 1964
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy
Nude scenes: The boy is called Feodor (5). He has got into bushes that is a raspberry, but there can not be therefrom, because around a nettle, and he in one shirt without cowards (he has taken off them to dry up). The girl, the heroine of film, notices, that Feodor naked, and laughs at him.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Dark Enemy
Released in: 1984
Country: UK
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip
Summary: After a nuclear war, a group of children at an isolated farmhouse debate what the outside world might be like. Soon one of them leaves the house to investigate, and finds out that things aren't the way they thought. - IMDb
Nude scenes: There is a skinny dipping scene at beginning of film where one boy has rear nudity. There is also frontal and rear nudity of two boys and a girl diving or jumping into river.
Added: 26.09.2013

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A Child Went Forth
Released in: 1941
Country: USA
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: A line from Whitman, "There was a child went forth every day," starts this film: a visit to a farm that's a summer camp and progressive school for exploration and discovery. The children, as young as two or three, have room and time to question, wonder, and learn. We build a wading pool, use tools, climb and swing, bath a dog - and learn to live together. There are spats, and little adult interference. A tree house sparks children's imagination. They visit a neighboring farm, play with the animals and ride on a tractor that's plowing. They eat and nap. There's story time, easels for art, and a lollipop. It's the perfect place for city children to be safe from bombardment, says the narrator. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Little kids (4-6) playing nude in water.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Härlig är jorden
Released in: 1992
Country: Sweden
Tags: nude boy, nude girl
Summary: Named one of the top ten shorts of all time by France's prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Andersson's haunting and hilarious short, an absurdist tale of average, everyday life turning horrific (and apocalyptic), is a mini Songs from the Second Floor. Its opening scene, evoking holocausts past and future, "is one of the most chilling three-minute shots in the history of movies" (Michael Atkinson, Village Voice). "Often very funny... a compassionate yet savage indictment of human cruelty, complacency, conformism and alienation" (Geoff Andrew, Time Out). - www.cinematheque.bc.ca
Nude scenes: 3 nude children (aprox. 5, 8 and 12) seen among people in a truck.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Kapitan Korda
Released in: 1970
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: nude boy
Summary: Little Pepík from a children home and the train dispatcher "Captain" Korda (Vladimír Brabec) become friends in a hospital where they are both undergoing therapy. Korda loves children, and since he lives in a marriage without issue, he takes the boy home when his treatment is over. Pepík is very happy at the Kordas'. He discovers a new world there, new experiences, friendship and kindness. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 9yo boy drops his pants to show his friend the tanlines on his backside.
Added: 26.09.2013

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