Venus vs. Me
Released in: 2010
Country: Belgium
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: Entangled in a realm of thought, twelve-year-old Marie has trouble growing up. When her young mother brings home a new boyfriend, questions remain unanswered and communication seems impossible. Frenetic, Marie tries to win back her mother while she silently finds solace in a world of memories. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Marie (Sarah Van den Berghe, 12) briefly seen topless in the bathtub.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Released in: 1992
Country: Romania
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: In the story, a boy, a woman and a cow seem to be the only survivors of a global catastrophe, except for whoever is following them threateningly in a tank. Slowly they put together what they need to survive, and despite the difficulty of all this, it looks as though the human race may just manage a new beginning. This simple, darkly imaged story is told with a very minimal amount of dialog. Should be easy enough to follow along even for those not understanding the Romanian language.
Nude scenes: The boy (Daniel Ionescu) is seen full nudity in many scenes throughout the movie either with no clothes or wearing a coat that is open in the front.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Released in: 1991
Country: Bulgaria
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Nude scenes: Teen boy (about 15) takes shower and another teen steals his towel and force him to run out of the showers. Contains full frontal and rear nudity and the boy is forced into a naked in front of a group of both boys and girls.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Espérame mucho
Released in: 1983
Country: Argentina
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: Memories of Argentina in the early 1950s bring a man back (in his mind) to his neighborhood, his family, and their hardware store. Although the barrio was filled with people both for and against Juan Perón who was in office as President at this time, the bonds of friendship were stronger than political differences. This view, and the view held throughout the film is that of the man as a young child. Newsreel clips and scenes of Evita Perón's funeral insert an adult perspective, though there is still an element of indecision throughout the film as to which perspective should hold. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Boys (aged 11 to 13) measure their penises in the showers, full frontal and rear nudity. One of them was being "raped" and beaten in the showers by some others. Rear nudity of a 12 year old boy in the enema scene. Boy touches a breast of a woman.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Orlyata Chapaya
Released in: 1969
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: Distant scene with skinny dipping boys (12-14).
Added: 26.09.2013

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La battaglia di Algeri
Released in: 1966
Country: Italy, Algeria
Tags: nude boy
Summary: A film commissioned by the Algerian government that shows the Algerian revolution from both sides. The French foreign legion has left Vietnam in defeat and has something to prove. The Algerians are seeking independence. The two clash. The torture used by the French is contrasted with the Algerian's use of bombs in soda shops. A look at war as a nasty thing that harms and sullies everyone who participates in it. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of a boy (8?) in one scene.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Kunsten at græde i kor
Released in: 2006
Country: Denmark
Tags: incest
Summary: Follows a precocious, eleven-year-old Allan, who tries desperately to keep his dysfunctional, rural family together during the social upheavals of the early seventies. Allan reveres his father, Henry, the local milkman, and can't understand why others don't feel the same way. His family life is so twisted he thinks it's perfectly normal to stay awake all night dealing with his father's hysterics and suicidal threats. Allan's older brother left town several years ago, and his mother gave up long before that, relying on sleeping pills to escape Henry's tantrums. Allan then becomes obsessed with a rival family, whom he considers foolish white trash until they start taking away Henry's customers. He is frustrated that his mother doesn't take his father's complaints seriously, and is perplexed by the increasingly rebellious and bizarre behavior of his sister, Sanne. Incapable of understanding what's going on and heavily influenced by his father, Allan commits appalling acts, unaware of their import. - IMDb
Nude scenes: In order to console her father when he's sad, Sanne "lays on the sofa" with him. When she decides to give up, Allan takes her place, and masturbate him under a blanket.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Released in: 2012
Country: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: The seven-year-old Kid, his brother Billy and there mother living on a farm. The mother of the children's is always sad. One day, something painful happened for the poor family and the kids have to make a future by themselves. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Rear nudity in a bath scene.
Added: 26.09.2013

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Sredi dobrykh lyudey
Released in: 1962
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Nude scenes: Bath scene with Irina Mitsik (12), seen topless.
Added: 26.09.2013

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The Planter's Wife
Released in: 1952
Country: UK
Tags: nude girl
Summary: The marriage of rubber-plantation owner Jim Frazer and his wife, Liz, which has survived many disasters, including years in a Japanese internment camp, is at a breaking point. Under constant threats of bandit attacks and concerned with the safety of his plantation and the people on it, Jim spares no time for his marriage. Liz is to take their young son, Mike, home to school in England, and, without telling Jim, does not plan to return. A neighboring plantation is attacked and the owner killed just prior to her departure. Liz and Jim get arms and ammunition from a near-by town, and a night of terror follows as the bandits attack. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of a japanese 5-year-old girl.
Added: 26.09.2013

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