Released in: 1991
Country: Belgium
Tags: nude girl
Summary: The theme of death is heavily interwoven in Smolder's surreal salute to Belgian painter Antoine Wiertz, Pensees et visions d'une tete coupee / Thoughts and Visions of a Severed Head, a Hieronymus Bosch-type artist whose work centered on humans in various stages in torment, as depicted in expansive canvases with gore galore. Smolders has basically taken a standard documentary and chopped it up, using quotes from the long-dead artist, and periodic statements by a historian (Smolders) filling in a few bits of Wiertz' life.
The museum designed to house the painter's work is like a great multi-roomed barn, displaying paintings as small as a counter, or as big as a three-storey building. Inside the museum, Smolders stages a tour for arriving guests: nattily dressed dwarves who accentuate the painter's mad visions and ego that bleed from the more disturbing works dealing with suicide, infanticide, piles of baby bodies, and monsters opening up their innards while half-naked humans are torn apart by tentacled monsters.
It's a clever play on a predictable film genre, and Smolders uses vivid sounds with his montage of close-ups to evoke the narratives in specific paintings. The short's most unsettling sequence deals with the last moments of a guillotined head, and what the painter allegedly claimed to have seen in real life are paralleled in the headless images embedded in further paintings.
A flash cut of a dying animal is later revealed to be a lengthy pig slaughter (again) that Smolders intercuts with coarse stag porn before the doc's narrative is once again realigned to Wiertz' work. The film closes on a marvelous final shot, and Smolders' own wry closing statement on the film we've just seen.
The museum footage is in colour, whereas the pig slaughter is in grainy black & white, as are a surreal stagings of the dead artist, a figurative motif of a nude child carrying a baby pig, and a few shots of nude portraiture. -
Nude scenes: Full frontal and rear nudity of Barbara De Jonghe (11) in many scenes.
Added: 12.12.2009

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Released in: 1974
Country: East Germany
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing girl, nude girl
Nude scenes: 2 boys (both about 5) and 2 girls (aproximately 6 and 8) are bathing together then dancing completely nude.
Added: 22.11.2009

Download 'Hans Röckle und der Teufel'

Released in: 1966
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip
Summary: Andreiv Rublev charts the life of the great icon painter through a turbulent period of 15th Century Russian history, a period marked by endless fighting between rival Princes and by Tatar invasions. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Distant shot of nude children (9-12) during some rithual at riever.
Added: 07.11.2009

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Released in: 2001
Country: India
Tags: bathing girl, topless girl
Summary: For 12 year-old Maya, life is very simple in her village in rural India. From innocent pranks to small adventures in the nearby forest, she spends most of her time with her 11 year-old cousin Sanjay. However, their fraternal love will be shattered when Sanjay will fail to save her from her fate: as a girl becomes a woman, she is the victim of an ancient and brutal ritual that leaves her scarred for life. This ceremony, although forbidden, is still practiced in parts of the country today. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 11-year-old girl briefly seen topless after her bath.
Added: 31.10.2009

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Released in: 1990
Country: Soviet Union, Germany
Tags: nude boy
Nude scenes: Full frontal nudity of 10-year-old boy.
Added: 21.10.2009

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Released in: 1961
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: Bare bottom of boy (5) seen under short nightshirt. Swimming, front and rear nudity. Besides small Misha the grandfather quilts a belt on naked back.
Added: 14.10.2009

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Released in: 2009
Country: France, Italy
Tags: nude girl
Summary: When Katie, an ordinary woman, meets Paco, and ordinary man, something magical happens: a love story. From this union an extraordinary child is born: Ricky. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Lisa's (Mélusine Mayance, 7) rear nudity in a bathroom.
Added: 03.10.2009

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Released in: 1993
Country: Russia
Tags: nude boy, bathing girl
Nude scenes: Swimming scene: boy's (12) bottom seen when his pals quickly take off his panties. Boy enters unlocked bathroom where a neighbour girl (12) takes bath.
Added: 30.09.2009

Download 'Schastlivyy neudachnik'

Released in: 2009
Country: Russia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing boy
Nude scenes: Aleksandr Siguyev (12) and Vsevolod Nikolaev (10) seen nude in the bath house.
Added: 02.09.2009

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Released in: 1958
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, bathing boy, boy skinny dip
Added: 06.05.2009

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