Released in: 1970
Country: Brazil
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: Poor boy treats a sweet lemon tree as his only friend, talking to it, and learning important values in the process. But one day the tree must be cut. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A boy (Zezé) skinny dip in a river.
Added: 17.12.2014

Download 'Meu Pé de Laranja-Lima'

Released in: 2003
Country: Armenia, Germany, Netherlands
Tags: nude girl, topless girl
Summary: Also Wano, carpet-seller, will receive his second, secret life, as light-footed dead-angel for the Turkish politician, as charming terrorist, as loner and successful lover. He prepared the "liquidation" of the Turkish consuls in Rotterdam, and executed them. He lures him with the picture of the Turkish sultan Abdul Hamid The Bloody, which he has bought in the auction house 'Leo Jansen'. Secret connections consist between Wano and the old man of uptown Rotterdam, who presumably finances this terror-attack. - IMDb
Nude scenes: A girl's (12) breast seen in one scene. Partial nudity of the same girl in a bath scene. Boy is spying for her in this scene.
Added: 13.12.2014

Download 'On the Old Roman Road'

Released in: 1951
Country: Finland
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: When several boys running towards a pond to swim, 2 boys (11 and 13 years old) briefly seen nude from rear.
Added: 11.12.2014

Download 'Poikien vaaralliset leikit'

Released in: 2005
Country: China, Italy
Tags: nude boy, nude girl, topless girl
Summary: Qiang is a four-year-old little rebel, possessed of a pair of luminous eyes and a precociously indomitable will. His father deposits him at a well-appointed residential kindergarten in post-1949 Beijing, since his parents are often away. Life at the kindergarten appears rich and colourful, made up of a variety of cheerfully sunny rituals and games meant to train these children to be good members of society. But it's not so easy for Qiang to adapt to this kind of carefully organized, minutely scrutinized collective life. A fierce individualist in miniature, he tries but fails to conform to the model his teachers enforce. Yet he still craves the reward that the other students win: the little red flowers awarded each day as tokens for good behaviour. But Qiang doesn't win any flowers: he can't yet dress himself, and doesn't play together with the other kids. He even dares to talk back to the strict Teacher Li and Principal Kong when they try to impose some discipline on him. Gradually, his charisma and bravado start to win over his classmates: their stealthy little rebellions gain steam when he succeeds in convincing everyone that Teacher Li is a child-eating monster in disguise. When their attempt to capture her is thwarted, Qiang's resistance develops a more disturbing dimension, and he is forcibly ostracized from his companions. Will he succumb to the adult-enforced conformity around him, or will he insist on growing up his own way, by his own rules? - IMDb
Nude scenes: Pretty much all boys and girls are seen nude throughout the whole movie. The boy's have a huge hole between their legs in their pants and no underwear so their penis is shown quite alot. All kids sleeps without pants and underwear, some sleep completely naked. In one scene, the kids line up in two lines, boys and girls, and poop together. In two scenes, we see the main character go naked outside and pee. Frontal and rear nudity. There is also a scene where the boy is dragging down a girl's panties from behind to give her an "injection". Rear nudity. In another scene, two girls helps the main character to undress. They take off all his clothes. Rear nudity. There is also a scene when the girls looks at the boy's penis and giggles.
Added: 06.12.2014

Download 'Kan shang qu hen mei'

Released in: 1964
Country: USA
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Summary: Ray Charles attempts to help a down-on-their-luck boozing family whose son is blind. He wants to finance the recovery of his eye-sight, but the family is afraid what might happen if something goes wrong. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Frontal and rear nudity of Piers Bishop (9) in a bath scene.
Added: 03.12.2014

Download 'Ballad in Blue'

Released in: 2012
Country: Germany, Austria
Tags: topless girl
Added: 29.11.2014

Download 'Die Kleine Lady'

Released in: 2005
Country: Croatia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of a boy (8) when he is being put into a barrel with cold water.
Added: 26.11.2014

Download 'Snivaj, zlato moje'

Released in: 2009
Country: Germany, France
Tags: topless girl
Summary: Gregoire Canvel has everything a man could want: a wife he loves, three delightful children and his dream job - he is a film producer. Discovering talented filmmakers and developing films that fit his conception of the cinema, free and true to life, is precisely his reason for living. Gregoire devotes almost all of his time and energy to his work. Although he spends weekends with his family at their house in the country, even these precious moments are regularly interrupted by demanding directors and concerned investors. While Gregoires very presence commands admiration, and his exceptional charisma lead many to believe he is invincible, the future of his prestigious production company, Moon Films, is in doubt; too many productions, too many risks, too many debts. Storm clouds are gathering, and Gregoires realisation that he may have made one gamble too many will trigger a series of events that will change the lives of his family forever. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Billie Canvel (Manelle Driss, 6) and Valentine Canvel (Alice Gautier, 9) swim topless.
Added: 22.11.2014

Download 'Le père de mes enfants'

Released in: 1958
Country: France
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: Skinny dip of african boys (10-15). Full nudity.
Added: 19.11.2014

Download 'Moi un noir'

Released in: 1977
Country: France, Belgium
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, nude girl, girl skinny dip
Summary: During the height of the tourist season, the rivalry between the manager of a slightly fancy restaurant and the proprietor of a nearby fast-food stand becomes quite heated, and shots are fired. In this comedy, the restaurant is run with an iron hand by its "patronne," (Annie Girardot), and the help eventually have had enough. If that weren't sufficient trouble, the children of the owners of both establishments are romantically entangled, further infuriating the passions of the feuding food fanatics. - Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide
Nude scenes: A girl and a boy (both 14) skinny dip then run naked together. Full nudity.
Added: 15.11.2014

Download 'Jambon d'Ardenne'

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