Parusa moyego detstva
Released in: 1981
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Rear nudity of a boy (Dima Prokopchuk, 12) in a russian bath.
Added: 16.09.2015

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Volando voy
Released in: 2006
Country: Spain
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing boy
Summary: Biopic of Spain's Juan Carlos Delgado "El Pera", a young delinquent in the 1980's who is a car pilot and a sport journalist nowadays. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Brief rear nudity of 13-year-old boy in one scene.
Added: 09.09.2015

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Septyni nematomi zmones
Released in: 2005
Country: Lithuania, France, Portugal, Netherlands
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip, bathing girl, nude girl
Summary: A group of drop-outs, losers and criminals are travelling in a stolen Mercedes seemingly aimlessly along numerous derelict houses and impassable roads to eventually end up on an old decaying state farm in Crimea, the southern tip of the former Soviet Union, where the mother, wife and daughter of one of them live. The men kill time with smoking, drinking and staring in front of them, but an undercurrent tension is brewing. On the last night they have a party that is equally destructive as their life. - IMDb
Nude scenes: 9 boys swimming in a pond, at least 2 boys wear no trunks. Girl (about 12-13) seen nude in 3 scenes near the ends of the movie: topless washing herself, rear nude standing in washbasin and topless once more, then brief frontal nude running out of the room.
Added: 05.09.2015

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Mariana, Mariana
Released in: 1987
Country: Mexico
Tags: nude boy
Summary: The story runs in the 1940s Mexico City. A schoolboy (Carlos) falls in love with his best friend's mother (Mariana). Carlos is impressed because this family is not like the ordinary mexican families of the time, because they have many expensive American things, although they are not rich. The drama begins when Carlos gets out of school to go to declare his love to Mariana, and is discovered by his teachers. - IMDb
Nude scenes: Brief rear nudity of young Carlos when he is being helped out of the swimming pool and his swimming trunks slide down exposing his bare bottom. Young boy (11) [presumably] masturbates in a bathroom (nothing shown).
Added: 02.09.2015

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Pelle der Eroberer
Released in: 1986
Country: East Germany
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: Set in the late 1800's, the original "Pelle der Eroberer" (aka Pelle the conqueror) comes from Martin Anderson Nexo's novel about a Swedish boy (Stefan Schader) and his elderly father who come to Denmark in search of work and a better life. A bleak and desolate future becomes apparent when the two find employment on a farm full of abuse, slavery, and scandal. Pelle soon finds a friend in a homeless boy and together they enjoy their summer together swimming in the local lake and playing in the fields. Not everyone his happy to see Pelle and his father and soon it becomes obvious to everyone that the immigrants are not welcome.
Nude scenes: Rear and partial frontal nudity of boy (about 10) getting paddled.
Added: 26.08.2015

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Volny chernogo morya
Released in: 1976
Country: Soviet Union
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Nude scenes: The 1st episode: some hand-fishing boys (10-14) seen nude.
Added: 23.08.2015

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Released in: 1978
Country: Yugoslavia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy
Nude scenes: Side and brief frontal nudity of 7-year-old boy as his mother puts some pyjamas on him.
Added: 19.08.2015

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Yuliya Vrevskaya
Released in: 1978
Country: Soviet Union, Bulgaria
Tags: nude boy
Summary: A Russian lady is taking trip back from France. In Bulgaria she meets someone and a burning love flares up between her and him. This love, which grows into a self sacrifice, makes Yuliya Vrevskaya follow the troops as a nurse in the war between Russia and Turkey (1877 - 1878). - IMDb
Added: 12.08.2015

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Released in: 1980
Country: Czechoslovakia
Tags: bathing boy, nude boy, bathing girl
Nude scenes: 2 boys (10 and 8) and 1 girl (Svetlana Majbová, 6) fooling around in a bathtub, brief frontal nudity of the younger boy.
Added: 08.08.2015

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Don't Expect Praises
Released in: 2012
Country: China, North Korea
Tags: nude boy, boy skinny dip
Summary: Yangjin and Wang Xiaobo,both 5 graders at elementary school are best friends for each other.Wang Xiaobo constantly brags about the river running through his hometown and numbers of crabs and fish living in it.There comes a long vacation after their graduation from the elementary school.Yangjin plans to visit Wang Xiaobo on his way to the grandmother's.He saves the money for this trip.After leaving the letter that he can manage the trip alone to his grandmother's,two boys starts his adventure.After realizing that it is not as fun as expected to stay at Wang Xiaobo's hometown.Yangjin gets anxious to leave for the grandmother's as soon as possible but as Yang's friend doesn't let him go,his trip gets postponed day by day. - IMDb
Added: 05.08.2015

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